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shhhm bbz just listen

Concerts I’ve Been To »

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Good vibes. Shuffle, live, repeat//

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Give these guys a listen, Fawn and Rabbit


too good. 

//FLAWLESS Bucket list is to go to Europe and see Dan Smith, hear that voice, and see his hair in person.

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//I want to mend your heart

And there’s no one else

That knows me

Like you do.

What I’ve done,

You’ve done too.

The walls I

Hide behind,

You walk through,

You just walk through\\

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Do this::

On any youtube video, specifically music, songs, etc. Type “repeat” after “youtube” in the url. You’re welcome. 

I wanna live on a country lane, some place where no one knows my name.

I’ll forget you too, and I’ll forget you too…