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Liquid Sunshine

Liquid sunshine.

It leaks through the cracks of condensation.

Iambic meters of gravity;

falling, falling, falling.

It’s a daily grind.

Vitamin D, no citrus or supllement can satisfy,

I crave the taste of solstice.

Triple digits, no less.

Clothes—even fewer

With worries smaller still.

And I miss it.

The smell of summer.

The sound and feel of you, love. 

Me on the border

Me on the border

This world is incredible. I want to explore it, and learn for myself. I want to be alone from it all,—get away. Forget it all and discover.

//I want//

»longer nights

more concerts«

»a greater sense of adventure

to try new things«

»to listen 

to do something for myself«

»to know where I want to go, even if I don’t know how to get there

to be kept accountable«

»to be able to love myself more

sunnier days«

»to trust

to do something that scares me, everyday«

»to be taken care of

to respect more, and be respected more«

»to either take things seriously, or not take things at all

hotter weather«

»to be earned, not just given away

to create«

»to grow older, but not grow up

to do more«

                                        ||SUMMER 2012;; Bring it||